What exactly can your cat expect from their stay?

We're proud of the service we provide and here we explain a bit more about it.

The cattery

Every cat that comes to stay has their own personal, centrally heated chalet with indoor and outdoor space. We provide a soft bed and some floor coverings as standard. 

Main Office

Feeding times

Cats at The Meadows Cattery are fed twice daily with water topped up throughout the day. We have a wide selection of good quality foods and stock both biscuits and wet. If your cat has any special dietary requirements can you please bring enough food for their stay.


If you have something you want to ask, give us a call on 01494 481 397.


We are trained to administer medication if needed. Unfortunately we are unable to accept diabetic cats. We have a 24hr vet on call so if an emergency happens we have everything in place to get your cat the help they need. Every cat that comes to stay must bring an up to date vaccination record from their vets.



The Meadows Cattery is fully licensed by Wycombe Council. The cattery was built to standards set by the Feline Advisory Bureau and designed with Veterinary advice.